Traditional Christmas games in different countries

Traditional Christmas games in different countries

People from all around the world gather throughout the wonderful Christmas season to celebrate the spirit of happiness, giving, and unity. The holiday's fundamentals are still the same, but how it is celebrated differs greatly among countries. The variety of Christmas games that have developed over decades, each filled with regional customs and traditions, is one charming feature of cultural diversity. From gift exchanges that bring laughter and surprises to lively outdoor activities and unique variations of classic games, the world is a canvas of diverse and enchanting Christmas celebrations. We will explore traditional Christmas games in Sweden, Italy, Mexico and Spain in this article, each country adds to the mix of holiday customs that make this time of year unique. 

Empowering Individuals: The Driving Force Towards a Circular Economy and Living

Empowering Individuals: The Driving Force Towards a Circular Economy and Living

In the pursuit of a more sustainable and regenerative future, the concept of circularity has become a guiding principle. Circular living not only lessens our environmental impact but also lays the foundation for a resilient society. Amidst the various factors contributing to a circular economy, individuals stand out as the most pivotal component. This article explores the fundamental role of individuals in circular living, positions them within the circular economy, and outlines ways to equip people with the tools and knowledge needed to make sustainable choices.

Exploring the Intersection of Learning and Sustainability: Unveiling the SDG Traineeship Project

Exploring the Intersection of Learning and Sustainability: Unveiling the SDG Traineeship Project

In our ever-accelerating world, passive observation of global challenges no longer suffices. The Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) require active engagement, and that's precisely the goal of the SDG Traineeship project, spearheaded by The 2B Collective. We sat down with Shanna de Lang, the overall project manager, to delve into the dynamic realm of sustainable development and gamified learning. 

Understanding the Complexity of System Change

System change, with the overarching goal of sustainability, is a formidable challenge that requires a deep understanding of the existing systems in place. However, before explaining the complexities and aspects of system change it is important to understand what system change is and why it is seen by some as a necessity for tackling climate change. Although there is already an abundance of legislation that promotes CSR and works towards the SDGs, without tackling the fundamental flaws in the economic and political systems, climate change is difficult to tackle.   

Redefining freedom

Last week Yvette Watson, one of the founders of The 2B Collective, was a guest at BNR. During her stay, she gave an insightful talk focusing on the importance of freedom in relation to sustainable development.

"Because at the 2B Collective we actually know that everyone is an expert in their own work and can contribute to sustainable development. Everyone can look for more sustainable alternatives, has smart ideas and can look for innovative cooperation. And we desperately need this collective engagement and brainpower."

But we are stuck in a fundamentally flawed mindset. In the climate debate, the word 'freedom' is the argument against change.  
How do we change this rigid kind of freedom into the freedom we need in challenging and transitional times like these? 

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