People learn more effectively when it is fun.

We integrate the learning process in an environment that engages, activates, and brings the best out of people. Doing this, we use the power of gamification. We challenge, we create competition, and we add time pressure.

Through elements such as (top) scores, ranking, and badges, participants are triggered to think and act more sustainably. It is fun, accessible, and effective.

What can gamification do for you?

It works. And this is why.

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Emotional bonding
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Shared success
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Positive social pressure
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Learning by doing
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Cognitive foundation
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Voluntary participation
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We offer a learning experience that people want to be a part of.

Give your sustainability strategy a kick-start.

Translate the organization’s circular strategy into a concrete learning program. In a series of challenges, participants learn to think and act sustainably.

The program concludes with a detailed follow-up, where you can share the results. Equipped with the right knowledge and skills, participants can now independently act on the sustainable development goals.


To measure is to know. The data generated through the platform is priceless.

The tool provides measurable results on KPIs such as impacts and effects, knowledge, learning curve, attitude, behavior, engagement, sense of participation, pride, and appreciation of the employer.

Gain insight into:
  • Scores on individual users, teams, and the organization as a whole;
  • Performance on every subject, theme, and challenge;
  • Activity on the platform and in the community;
  • Specific parameters to learn more about the target audience.

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