Geerke Versteeg.

Geerke Versteeg (1986) co-founder of PHI Factory and The 2B Collective grew up from home with circular principles of maintenance, repair and life extension. Her father has always worked as a waste director, so throughout her childhood he took all kinds of tossed treasures home, such as bicycles, toys and later also cabinets, etc. 

Geerke studied Facility Management and has a Master's degree in Real Estate. She lives in Ridderkerk with her 3.5-year-old son. She is a foody and loves both cooking for friends, eating out, cooking for the eatery in the village and attending a cooking club with her father. Also a fan of dancing and can therefore often be found at festivals, but also just do this in the living room. To keep her fit, cycling is her all time favorite and she also likes ice skating and body combat.

The perfect match.

Geerke and Yvette both had the dream of going into business, but not on their own because they like to do things together. They got to know each other because Geerke's former employer introduced them to each other. That turned out to be a bull's-eye: they immediately clicked and in that meeting there was an immediate explosion of energy. Less than a week later, they started their first company. They pursue the same goals, but also complement each other perfectly. Whereas Yvette is creative and analytical, Geerke is very structured and results-driven. In addition, Geerke has a large network in government and Yvette in business, again a great complement to each other. Mega complementary team therefore of a visionary and creativity, together with manifestation power and efficiency. This creates speed, energy and fireworks.

''As a waste director, her father took all kinds of tossed treasures home: from toys to cupboards and bicycles.''

A sustainable entrepreneur at heart.

Geerke's ambition is to accelerate organizations with realization power towards a circular economy. Every step is one step. Her strength is adding structure to projects, making sustainability a clear step-by-step plan. Geerke also actively participates in programs that accelerate sustainability within organizations such as Cirkelstad, Smart WorkPlace and the Learning Networks and Buyers groups of the Ministry of Infrastructure and the Environment and PIANOo. 

Sustainable procurement, circular procurement, socially responsible procurement. Geerke knows this field like no other and shows with a passionate drive that purchasing is a huge accelerator in the transition. From making policy more sustainable, to implementing SRI in your organization and from SRI action plans to concrete tenders; Geerke knows the do's and don'ts from practice. Geerke is an energetic speaker who likes to interact with the audience and enthuses the audience to get started today. 

Putting sustainability into practice! So many solutions, cool technical innovations and practical examples are already available. However, the question is; with which approach do you put a firm ambition into practice? How do you create support and ownership? How do you set up the right steering mechanisms so that it doesn't remain a party for that one enthusiast?

Geerke gives lectures, leads discussions and gives workshops on substantive themes such as sustainable procurement, circular construction and facility management. She takes the audience on a tour of how they can measure environmental impact, work together in the chain to achieve system change and how to implement sustainable behaviour and stimulate the workplace.


News about Geerke.

Web Summit 2022 Lisbon.

Attending in the startup program of the Web Summit 2022 in Lisbon.

KVK innovation top 100.

Finalists for the KVK Innovatie Top 100 (Chamber of Commerce of the Netherlands).

Regenerative Facility Management.

The Springboard Duurzaam FM continues with a sustainability community addressing themes such as the circular economy, biodiversity and climate positive.

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