Yvette Watson.

Yvette Watson (1982) is a sustainable entrepreneur at heart. With PHI Factory, she supports organizations in realizing their sustainable and circular ambitions and challenges market players to achieve real system change. She is also co-founder of The 2B Collective. The gamified learning platform for activating large groups of people to think and act more sustainably. With this powerful behavior change tool, she wants to involve the collective on a gigantic scale in the transition towards a sustainable world of tomorrow.

Sustainability is in her blood, since she chased all kinds of green causes at a young age. "I used to campaign for Greenpeace, WWF and the Society for the Protection of Animals, waving my homemade signs. But through my younger years, I've learned that I influence people more positively if I show them what their sphere of influence and prospects for action are.' Growing up in a social entrepreneurial family, she was instilled with the firm belief that everyone can make a difference. Big changes are made up of many small steps. After an education in Business Administration, followed by 12 years of service at various companies, she made the switch to entrepreneurship in 2016.

The perfect match.

Geerke and Yvette both had the dream of going into business, but not on their own because they like to do things together. They got to know each other because Geerke's former employer introduced them to each other. That turned out to be a bull's-eye: they immediately clicked and in that meeting there was an immediate explosion of energy. Less than a week later, they started their first company. They pursue the same goals, but also complement each other perfectly. Whereas Yvette is creative and analytical, Geerke is very structured and results-driven. In addition, Geerke has a large network in government and Yvette in business, again a great complement to each other. Mega complementary team therefore of a visionary and creativity, together with manifestation power and efficiency. This creates speed, energy and fireworks.

''As a young girl, I used to campaign for Greenpeace, WWF and the Society for the Protection of Animals with homemade signs.''

A sustainable entrepreneur at heart.

Yvette is continuously looking to activate decision makers and how to engage everyone on sustainable development. She energizes with drive and passion the awareness that every individual can contribute to the complex systemic changes we need for a sustainable society. There is great power in the collective. Individual action, done by a very large group of people, results in an enormous effect. Creating tomorrow's sustainable world requires smart actions from each individual. Each person, as an expert of his/her work, as a neighbor in the neighborhood, as a member of an association, knows better than anyone else how activities can be smarter, better and more sustainable. 

Yvette is an energetic speaker, who seeks interaction with the audience and enthuses them to get started today. So many solutions are already available, but how do you bring a firm ambition into practice? What are the gamechangers? How do you engage with your organization or community to realize the goals? 

Yvette lectures, leads discussions and conducts workshops on substantive topics such as sustainable business practices, circular procurement and regenerative operations and takes listeners through how to make environmental impact measurable and how to encourage sustainable behavior. Yvette also actively participates in programs and initiatives that accelerate sustainability in the Netherlands such as Circkelstad, Platform CB23, Gideon's Tribe, Deltaplan Duurzame Renovatie of the Dutch Green Building Council, Expertgroep circulaire en inclusieve economie of FMN and Stichting EWF-Lab. And in 2021, Yvette was named #1 in the ABN AMRO Sustainable 50, the annual thermometer regarding sustainability in construction and the real estate sector in the Netherlands. 


News about Yvette.

Web Summit 2022 Lisbon.

Attending in the startup program of the Web Summit 2022 in Lisbon.

Speaker at Gamechangers.

Speaking at the Gamechangers congres on the first of December 2022.

Host at Purpose Day XL 2023.

Purpose Day XL 2023 stands in the light of the transition to a purpose-driven economy.

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