The SDG game: The three ‘hats’ towards Sustainable Development

The SDG game: The three ‘hats’ towards Sustainable Development

We're excited to introduce our new program, the SDG Game, designed to engage, inform and inspire individuals and organisations to make a tangible impact on sustainability. This novel initiative is a collaboration between our team, Trainees of the SDG Traineeship (by SDG house and The Rock Group), and our partner the UNSSC. We believe in making a difference. And content is key! This game will be a great addition to our portfolio of 19 programs (and counting!) and will be available for all partners of The 2B Collective. 

Why a program about Sustainable Development and its frameworks? 

The United Nations' ambitions for a more sustainable future for all, led to the 2030 Agenda and a collection of 17 interdependent global goals that we know as the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG). Sustainable development covers a broad spectrum of issues, making it relevant to a diverse audience. However, their breadth and interconnectivity can make the SDGs seem overwhelming and vague. With the SDG Game, we're making these goals more tangible and relatable by translating them into a local context and showing how individual actions can contribute to achieving these goals. 

What is the SDG Game about? 

The SDG Game focuses on the interdependencies, synergies, and trade-offs among the Sustainable Development Goals. To explain that Sustainable development is a holistic framework, meaning that working on one will always influence the other. As players navigate the game, they'll explore various scenarios that demonstrate how actions taken towards one goal can impact others. The game encourages players to reflect on their roles and influences in three different capacities: as a citizen, an employee, and an individual. 

Wearing these three hats in Sustainable development 

The game consists of four challenges and is therefore suitable as a four-week long program. The challenges navigate players through the three roles they play, or ‘the three hats you wear’. 

As a citizen, players learn how local policies and initiatives contribute to sustainable development and how they can participate in shaping their community's future. 

With the employee hat, participants discover how businesses can be a force for good by embracing sustainability and reducing their environmental impact. Sustainability is the way forward and that ‘doing good’, is good for business. 

As an individual, players explore how personal choices, from diet to commuting, can contribute to sustainable development. They're encouraged to align their actions with their values and become a 'waste warrior' or 'eco-hero’. 

What’s next? 

The SDG Game is currently in its final stages of development. We're collaborating closely with our partners to refine the content and gameplay, and we're actively seeking funding to finalize the project. We're hopeful to launch the first pilot programs by June. 

If you're interested in being part of our pilot program or want to learn more about the full program, don't hesitate to contact us. Let’s engage and activate others together, to support Sustainable Development. 



The program was made in collaboration with the SDG Traineeship:
and The United Nations System Staff College

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