Gideon's Tribe: Revolutionizing the Building Sector through Collaborative Gaming

Gideon's Tribe: Revolutionizing the Building Sector through Collaborative Gaming

In the fast-paced world of sustainability and energy transition, Gideon's Tribe shines as an exemplar of innovation and collaboration. Rooted in the Netherlands, this visionary initiative is on a transformative mission to revolutionize the building sector by harnessing the boundless potential of gaming and collective intelligence. Through a unique approach, Gideon's Tribe brings together a diverse array of individuals and companies within the building sector, united by a shared commitment to drive tangible and lasting change.

Recognizing that the challenges facing the building sector demand a multifaceted solution, Gideon's Tribe endeavors to promote sustainable practices, energy efficiency, and the adoption of circular economy principles. Their pioneering methodology artfully blends gamification, cutting-edge technology, and invaluable expertise to create engaging and impactful experiences for both professionals and the wider public.

Central to their vision is a portfolio of five distinct games, each strategically designed to target specific aspects of the building sector while also educating, inspiring, and empowering individuals and companies to embrace sustainable practices. These games are a testament to Gideon's Tribe's dedication to fostering positive change in the industry.

1. Energy Saving Games @ Home by SlimRenoveren

This captivating game focuses on energy conservation in residential buildings, empowering homeowners with practical tips and interactive challenges to reduce energy consumption, optimize resource usage, and lower carbon footprints. By gamifying the process, Gideon's Tribe encourages individuals to proactively engage in energy efficiency within their homes.
This game has already successfully been implemented in 3 municipalities in The Netherlands!

2. Energy Saving Games @Offices en @Businesses by Gebouwinzicht

Extending the principles of energy conservation to commercial buildings and businesses, this game offers tailored strategies and invaluable insights for optimizing energy consumption in office spaces. It actively encourages companies to adopt sustainable practices that yield not only long-term cost savings but also significant environmental benefits.
This game has already successfully been implemented for several offices and businesses! Another run is going live in October and it is still possible to join:

3. Energy Transition Accelerator for the Housing sector by SlimRenoveren & Renda:

This immersive game is specifically designed to accelerate the energy transition in housing construction. By bringing together key stakeholders such as architects, contractors, and policymakers, the game simulates real-world scenarios, allowing players to explore innovative and sustainable solutions for energy-efficient housing. This approach facilitates the widespread adoption of best practices across the industry.
This game has been played by the participants of the Renda Event in March 2023!

4. Circularity Game by ISSO (Netherlands Building Research Institute):

Gideon's Tribe offers a game centered around circularity in the building sector. The game challenges players to transcend linear models of production and consumption and wholeheartedly embrace circular economy principles. Participants gain insights into sustainable material choices, recycling strategies, and design approaches that minimize waste and maximize resource utilization.
This game is currently being developed!

Game of the Social Transition by Studio Ren:

Acknowledging the profound social dimension of sustainability, this game casts its focus on fostering social cohesion and inclusivity within the building sector. By exploring how communities can actively engage in the transition process, the game encourages cooperation and enhances quality of life. It serves as a powerful tool for promoting dialogue and collaboration, encouraging participants to approach sustainability holistically and understand its impact on society.
This game is currently being developed!

Frontrunners in the Construction game, by DRIFT, Vink Bouw & The 2B Collective:

The Frontrunners in the Construction game teaches employees in the construction sector to create a sustainable future. They use cost-benefit assessments, and value creation, and involve partners in sustainable thinking.
This game is currently being developed and will go live in 2024.


Gideon Platform

The Gideon's Tribe whitelabel platform

At the heart of Gideon's Tribe lies a collaborative spirit that brings together diverse stakeholders, including architects, engineers, contractors, policymakers, and sustainability experts. This unique approach ensures that their games are not only infused with real-world expertise but also reflect the collective wisdom and experience of the building sector.

Gideon's Tribe firmly acknowledges that surmounting the complexities of the building sector necessitates a united effort—individual endeavors alone will not suffice. By harnessing the unparalleled power of gaming, Gideon's Tribe crafts immersive and interactive experiences that empower individuals and organizations to make informed decisions, adopt sustainable practices, and actively drive the much-needed transition towards a greener future.

As a licensed partner of Gideon's Tribe, The 2B Collective shares a common vision of sustainability and the transformative impact of community-driven change. United in purpose, they strive to forge a robust network of like-minded individuals and organizations dedicated to shaping the building sector for the better.

Through their innovative games and collaborative approach, Gideon's Tribe is undeniably at the vanguard of revolutionizing the building sector. By harnessing the potent force of gaming, they not only educate and inspire individuals but also foster a profound sense of collective responsibility and empowerment. With an unwavering dedication to sustainability and a truly unique collaborative model, Gideon's Tribe paves the way for a greener, more resilient future within the building sector.

To learn more about Gideon's Tribe and their transformative games, visit their website at

Join the movement, and together, let's shape a brighter, sustainable tomorrow in the building sector.

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