The Carbon Almanac: a climate conversation with Noa

The Carbon Almanac: a climate conversation with Noa

Welcome to the blog entree: The Carbon Almanac a climate conversation!

The Carbon Almanac - The Game is THE online game to engage with the content of the book The Climate Almanac in a fun and active way. It's time for a conversation. The first Challenge of The Game called 'It's not too late' contains the action Climate conversation. For this assignment you have to engage in a conversation with someone about climate change. This could be your grandmother, teacher, colleague or, for example, your neighbor.

Today I walk into the climbing gym, at the work of my next conversation partner: pharmacy student and avid climber Noa! 


The student

Name: Noa

Place of residence: Utrecht

Study: 1st year Pharmacy, Utrecht University.

Age: 18 years old


It is Tuesday afternoon, after cycling for half an hour through a light rain, I order a cup of tea at the bar. Armed with a pen, Noa and I walk together to a quiet place to get to know each other better during the climate talk. 'How incredibly nice of you to join me for a cup of tea and a climate conversation. Have you heard of gamification before?" I ask. 'Honestly? 'No, not really,' she says.

Gamification: what is that exactly?

Gamification is the use of game design elements and mechanics in non-game contexts to engage users and solve problems. This can include things like rewards, points systems, challenges, and leaderboards. Gamification can be used in a variety of settings, such as education, healthcare, and business, to motivate and encourage certain behaviors or actions. It is based on the idea that people are more likely to be motivated and engaged when they feel like they are playing a game, rather than completing a task.

In Carbon Almanac - The Game, we use gamification in the Quiz - Action - Share method to challenge players to score points, take action by going into the field by which they compete for prizes and are engaged in climate action at the same time.


Let's begin.

What was your last climate conversation about?

'I was helping my friend Maaike with a school project,' she answers. 'I had to grow cress and arugula at home. So this is what my last conversation was about. She's actually one of the friends I talk to the most about climate change. I don't start these kinds of projects, but I always go with her when she goes to a demonstration or so sets up a project.'

'Then you're actually a First Follower!' ' I say enthusiastically. 'Our game actually includes a question about that. It's not focussed on the initiator, the idealist or the persuader, but rather on the person who listens and takes the step to be the first to follow this example. So you are the one who connects with Maaike's ideas and continues the positive action.'


What is your recent positive climate action? (Activities that have a positive impact on the climate.)

'My positive climate actions include buying second-hand clothes and to avoid throwing away leftovers. My most recent positive climate action is eating vegetarian. At home, we are increasingly cooking meals without meat. I'm increasingly aware that meat has a big carbon footprint.'


What is your high climate impact aka 'guilty climate pleasure' ?

'Still eating meat, that is. But I'm working on it.'


What is your tip for getting more people involved in climate action?

'teach young people at school and start spreading the right information earlier. Climate change was not part of my classes at the time and neither now at the University. I think that's a missed opportunity. I do talk about it with my friends, especially Maaike. It's an important topic among young people and in my group of friends, but I don't learn anything about it in regular classes.'


She's ready to start her shift. Good luck with the cress and arugula Noa. Thanks for this climate conversation!



Written by: Tessa Semey

Curious? Buy the book & Climate Almanac - The Game here.


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